Prior The End - The Worst Is Yet To Come (CD) (5871735275673)

Prior The End - The Worst Is Yet To Come (CD)


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"The Worst Is Yet To Come" tells the story of Eddie, who tries to fight against the ills of his time in a dystopian society. A project in which he fails so much that he loses sanity and humanity. As indicated in some passages, he remarks only after he has lost everything and everyone, his schizophrenia and it finally perishes - and that with drums and trumpets.
Inspired by Edward Mordrake, a real, phenomenal 19th-century medical case. Mordrake had a second face on the back of his head, an incompletely absorbed Siamese twin. Though unable to speak, this face is said to have grimaced the opposite emotions of Mordrake. Mordrake claimed it spoke to him in his sleep about unimaginable, demonic things that humans dare not even think.
After all requests to have it removed were denied, Edward Mordrake took his own life at a young age. Some claim he was found with a grinning face on the back of his head.

01 Poor Eddie...
02 Death Of Today
03 Remember
04 Mother Mary Gently Weeps
05 The Smaller We Are
06 Farewell Mrs Hope
07 A Place Beyond Space
08 What For
09 To The Scaffold
11 That For (Hidden Track)