Provisorios - II (CD) (6647594352793)

Provisional - II (CD)


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The Provisorios have been making music for 25 years and have delighted their audiences in long-gone clubs on the Hamburg scene such as Marquee, Werkstatt 3, Lets Rock, Hafenklang, Stairway, Markthalle and Caspars Ballroom. In addition to some 7-inches and sampler contributions, they released their first CD in 2011.
Now, with their new CD, they are presenting a recording that, alongside cheerfully sarcastic pop, wild insults and sensitive ballad passages about space, clothing, the press, musicians and facades, comes to the conclusion: This World Is Not My Home!
The meaningful title "II" results from the fact that the band, which at one point consisted of five people, now has two band members left. The band motto used to be to reduce a song to its skeleton. Today, the two musicians quickly reverse the motto and create a powerful and effective hybrid of styles from whose roots they draw their juice. From lively 80s electronics (Pension Stammheim) to rock-hard No Wave (Das Fisch), both highlights on their orbit with LP releases that, among other things, present their background, document their ongoing motivation to cross borders and stand in ambivalent conflict with clumsy expectations .

01 Orwell Time
02 Atlas
03 Renegade
04 Can't Get Sicker
05 Senseless
06 We Lost Our Commander Peter
07 This World Is Not My Home