Provisorios - Off Course (CD) (5871822536857)

Provisional - Off Course (CD)


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Off course... of course!
Many bands have a clear musical course and can be clearly assigned to a genre. The temporary ones are completely different. On their third CD, this band focuses on human existence with all its manifestations.
Which decision in your life was not wrong? Why does Saturn devour one of his sons?
Questions and thoughts run like a red thread through the tracks on this varied CD. High points, low points, lethargy, fluctuations and contradictions, aggression, empathy, incomprehension, melancholy, euphoria and being lost, all aspects that are taken up in many musical styles.
Off Course: A journey between Saturn and Subway, Enjoy!!

1. Decide
2. Lost In Heartaches
3. Teenage item
4. Beata Illa
5. Digital World
6. Subway Babies
7. Hallelujah
8. Saturn First
9. Honolulu Baby