Psychedelischer Vorteil - Yo Soy Offenbach Tambien (CD) (5871718498457)

Psychedelic Advantage - Yo Soy Offenbach Tambien (CD)


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If you want to know where the Psychedelic Advantage comes from then put your nose to the wind, breathe the rainbow, sleep with your older brother's hippie bride and avoid psychoactive substances. Take the New Year's rockets, howl with the moon and listen to the ice cream when it licks its story: "We are in the year hell knows after Helmut Kohl. All of Duckburg is occupied by smallpox... all of Offenbach? Yes! And we already recorded the first record in 2001, so you are welcome to listen when Thees Uhlmann says: “Soundtrack zu Indiepubcrawls in Berlin. Because here nothing was as it used to be and everything will be as it seems because this is the completion of the swan song of the West, the terror of the daughters-in-law, the amoebic dysentery of the dinosaurs: Welcome to the world of the Psychedelic Advantage!

"This is music that people in Berlin go crazy over because they think it's so modern" (Thees Uhlmann)

"I need this CD for the next time I'm drunk." (Sandra Kinzelmann, Sony Music)

"It's a lot about drugs and substances." (Josef Winkler, Musik Express)

"A mixture of Deichkind and Blauer Bock." (Achim 60 Bogdahn, Bayern2)

01 Tequila For My Lady
02 Suicidal Redneck Mom
03 FFM
04 My Sun (Jumpezizzer)
05 The Sun (Opens Your Heart)
06 Rich Like Me
07 You are like a cloud
08 Shoreline Blues
09 Burnt black
10 I Found My Love On Marijuana
11 International Violence (RagaDubDanceRastaMovement)