Puder - Session Tapes 4 & 5 Tomorrowland mit Freunden (CD) (5906955763865)

Powder - Session Tapes 4 & 5 Tomorrowland With Friends (CD)

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In 2015, the Hamburg musician Catharina Boutari, who calls herself Puder on stage, was in a dilemma. She wanted to make a new record. That was actually good. But on the other hand neither. It announced the same process that leads to an album. After twenty years in bands and as a solo artist it was time to change everything. Stepping out of the comfort zone, headfirst into an experiment in which she would find herself in a studio with a musical guest, to create an album in ten days completely unprepared, from initial idea to final recording in front of a live studio audience.
Puder Session Tapes is the name of this experiment without a net and a double bottom, which has just entered its fourth and fifth round with the sparring artists Riad Abdel-Nabi in Amsterdam, as well as Ben Schadow, Ulita Knaus and Kathrin Ost in Hamburg and these days under the title "Tomorrowland with friends" is released as an album.

01 Streets
02 Interlude
03 Resisting Water
04 Fire Sparks
05 Travel
06 Ban on flying
07 When You Were Eight
08 Ghosttown Love
09 Precious
10 seven
11 Sleepless
12 Gretha