The Raimund Burke Orchestra  - A Rockin’ Tribute To Glenn Miller (CD) (5871739109529)

The Raimund Burke Orchestra - A Rockin' Tribute To Glenn Miller (CD)


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But why with hard rock guitars of all things? Well - Raimund Burke is a very virtuoso guitarist, which he has already proven on some (typical) CDs. But what he has done with the Glenn Miller classics on this album is beyond extraordinary! The idea of ​​editing a complete CD with these songs came up as early as 1993. At that time, however, the state of the art did not yet allow implementation at this high level. However, today is different. Creating something that doesn't exist yet is almost impossible. And yet he succeeded here!

01 Moonlight Serenade
02 American Patrol
03 St Louis Blues March
04 Pennsylvania 6-5000
05 (I've Got A Gal) Kalamazoo
06 In The Mood
07 The Bells Of Saint Mary's
08 Little Brown Young
09 At last
10 Moonlight Serenade
11 A String Of Pearls
12 Chattanooga Choo Choo