Raindance Kid - Swayer (CD) (5871776792729)

Raindance Kid - Swayer (CD)


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Summer 2014. The hot Kentucky sun beats down the dusty highway and a few backwoods drink moonshine in the shade of an old barn. At the same time, four film students founded the rock band Raindance Kid in Hamburg. "It's kind of country, but for me it's heavy metal!" So a voice from the audience at one of the early concerts of Raindance Kid, who call their music "post-country".
The fusion of Americana and Post Rock oscillates between ecstatic fervor and filigree spheres, with an unbroken intensity that you can't resist. But although the songs repeatedly have their origins in the sound of American folk music, Raindance Kid does not hide behind any cliché and does without ironic exaggeration. In this way, the instruments, banjo and violin, which are more of a folk origin, are combined with the standard rock line-up in a fascinating way and create the sound that makes Raindance Kid so unique.
Singer and songwriter Nikolas Kuhl sings about spirituality, abysses and interpersonal relationships, naming things in his very own language, full of metaphors and allegories. The pathos of the American vastness is found in the cold romanticism of the Nordic landscape. The morbid sadness of the prairie becomes an urban juggernaut and the outlaw becomes an urban neurotic. Admittedly, sometimes it's also about cowboys, guns and whiskey. The audience dances and staggers, fueled by driving beats. It floats and dreams, enraptured by psychedelic carpets of sound. In this sense: "Here it comes, the Raindance Kid."

1. Winterland
2. Anthem
3. Swayer
4.Letter To David
5. Song To The Mountains
6. Last Song
7. Dead Hearts Choir
8. Black River
9. The Road