Ralf Illenberger - Elements (CD)
Ralf Illenberger - Elements (CD)

Ralf Illenberger - Elements (CD)


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Ralf Illenberger shows the whole range of his musical work on his latest production "Elements". Filigree acoustic guitars, orchestrally arranged and underlaid with funky rhythms, the native of Stuttgart invites the listener on an exciting journey.
With Walter Keizer (Vollenweider, Nena) on drums and Sandro Gulino (Gypsy Kings) on bass, he also recalls his successful times in the 90s with his former band Circle. Mysterious, sometimes almost rocky but always melodic, Illenberger presents his latest compositions. Mastered by Hans-Joerg Mauksch in the Stockfisch Studios, Elements also promises absolute sound enjoyment!
Illenberger became known as part of the Kolbe Illenberger duo (the best German guitar duo) in the 1970s. He played concerts in 50 countries, a nomination for the German Record Prize (1978) and a Grammy nomination (1997) are just a part of the international recognition of his musical work. Listen with your heart! Music is our cross-border language that also overcomes cultural differences.

01 items
02 Wide Lands
03 Lion's Gate
04 All One
05 Good times
06 Late arrival
07 In the Jardins du Printemps
08 On a roll
09 A Holy Place
10 Love Intense