Ralph Symann - Contra.punckt (CD) (5871775842457)

Ralph Symann - Contra.punckt (CD)


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Ralph Symann - a composer who today "writes like the classics and yet independently" - presents his 3rd CD contra.punckt: a piano concerto and a symphony. Bar Avni conducts the project orchestra of young musicians. The soloist is Nina Gurol.
He comes from a family in which the intensive and active occupation with music has had a high priority for generations. He received piano lessons early on, later also on the oboe and church organ. In addition to the impulses from lessons, school orchestras and concert visits, the lavish library at home with classical music, rock/pop, jazz and others offers the fascinating "multicultural milieu" that encourages him to independently deal with the wide range of different genres and styles.
Clear preferences soon crystallize: all classics and rock music. Because Ralph Symann's love of classical music expanded into a general interest in functional-harmonic music written formally in classical structures by the time he graduated from high school, he consequently composed himself in the traditional - "classical" - tonal language.
He acquires the necessary knowledge and skills in intensive musicological work from modern and historical specialist literature and continues to educate himself through the in-depth analysis of the compositions of his role models.
This diachronic and synchronous view of centuries of composition naturally also has an effect on his own work: he uses the variety of different styles, plays with form and architecture, and is variable in compositional technique. But he never breaks through the principles of classical form theory and functional harmony.

Concerto for piano and orchestra in G major op. 6
1. Allegro
2. Andante quasi Allegretto
3. Allegro
Symphony in B flat major op. 5
4. Allegro
5. Andante
6. Allegro vivace
7. Final. Allegro