Raphy & Adry - Somethin' Fancy  (CD) (5871812018329)

Raphy & Adry - Somethin' Fancy (CD)


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A singing rock cellist? Guitar solos on the saxophone? Hating set patterns, Raphy & Adry are turning their "classic" instruments into deadly rock weapons. This is what awaits you on their debut album Somethin' Fancy - are you ready? Seven own songs. a cover No compromise. Their classical studies only made them both rock harder, the pressure only made them gamble faster and the adversity only made them want more. They play intensive rock with funk and country influences and skilfully alternate between lead and rhythm guitar....ahem cello & saxophone.
To top it all, classical music anti-conformist Mr. Gilles Apap burst into the studio and rocked his fiddle to the bone, making the title track the heaviest country-rock track in world history. Too many inhibiting voices, the constant naysayers were too loud.
Raphy & Adry are here to show you that you can rock your cello and sing at the same time, that you can rock out a fast-paced solo with distortion on the sax, and that all rock 'n' roll haters can shut up for once. You will not believe this? Then listen to Somethin' Fancy! But don't worry about the instruments that abuse them in between...Is that "fancy" enough for you?

01 intro
02 Somethin' Fancy
03 Burn It Down
04 Life Is Calling
05 Dance Off
06 Wind Of Change
07 Samantha
08 Outro