Rare Tones - To A Friend (CD) (5871770632345)

Rare Tones - To A Friend (CD)


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With their debut album, the Rare Tones follow on from the EP Kidogo, which they produced in 2016. "To A Friend" was also recorded at the Frida Park Studios in Hanover with producer Ossy Pfeiffer: Eleven other songs reflect the band's instrumental and musical diversity, with robust folk songs and soulful ballads complementing each other harmoniously. The polyphonic singing as a defining element of the Rare Tones sound stages the moving English texts and is particularly effective in this production.
The four see the experience of being able to make music in this way among best friends as an extraordinary gift. They want to share this gift with everyone - through To A Friend!

1. Long Gone
2. Home Is Where Your Heart Is
3. To A Friend
4. The Mask
5. 'Til The End
6. Hold Me
7. Moment Of Truth
8. Underneath The Sand
9. Trouble
10. Come With Me
11. Sailing