Ravenfield - Pain (CD)

Ravenfield - Pain


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Preorder - release on 03/18/2022

In incredibly oppressive times, when nothing seems to be as constant as insecurity, fear, sadness and pain, you long for a trustworthy friend. For a real friend who will hold your hand and accompany you through the long night with determination.
With their new album PAIN, RAVENFIELD enable nothing less than exactly that! PAIN is the proven soundtrack of our unstable present. Deeply serious Dark Rock, which breathes a velvety soulful charisma from full chest. Ten songs full of haunting feelings, heartbreak, sadness and anger, which unmistakably sound like hymn-like liberation - dark music that gets under the skin with no room for superficiality.
PAIN was recorded and produced in the well-established DarklandStudios by the experienced End Of Green frontman Michelle Darkness.
The result are stirring songs that roll into your ears with pleasurable elegance. Also vocally outstanding, RAVENFIELD offer a whole series of pleasant goose bumps on this album. And so in the ballad "The Pain" there is a captivating duet between Polo and bass master Darkness, in which one can almost grasp the excruciating pain and the agonizing grief.
With PAIN, RAVENFIELD offer a successful series of catchy highlights that take you by the hand and accompany you through the darkness. Impossible to ignore, because it's just too easy to catch!

01 Faith To Hate
02 obsession
03 killers
04 Circles
05 Monsters
06 The Pain feat. Michelle Darkness
08 down fall
09 Fast And Curious
10 chains