REASON FOR JACK - Whiskeyhead (CD) (6145668120729)

REASON FOR JACK - Whiskeyhead (CD)


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Maybe it was just a joke when the guys from REASON FOR JACK talked about wanting to take over the world and drink lots of beer and Jack in an interview with Blattturbo. But maybe it was just the quartet's motto that its followers probably see it more as a reincarnation of Lemmy.
However, it is quite certain and without perhaps that the combo from tranquil Nümbrecht (NRW) has everything that is generally referred to as "solid rock".
And should you ever be looking for a band that stands for the epitome of ROCK: the search can be stopped immediately! Four types, - yes: types! - who belt out hard, full, powerful and at the same time melodic guitar riffs and combine this with an unmistakable voice. They describe their style as badass rock'n'roll. And that's exactly what it is! And you can't hear enough about it.

01 Welcome To The Church Of Jack
02 Church Of Jack
03 Tattooed Angel
04 Mercenaries
05 The Satisfier
06 The Hunter
07 Metal City
08 Badass Rock'n'Roller
09 Mengrinding Queen
10 Backstage Bitch
11 Break Your Chains
12 Weekend Worries
13 Whiskeyhead