Red Stoner Sun - Echo Return (CD) (5871691038873)

Red Stoner Sun - Echo Return (CD)


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Formed in 1998, Red Stoner Sun played their part in the burgeoning stoner rock hype in the capital. The trio rocked pretty much every stage in and around Berlin, where they played with Danko Jones, Madrugada, Zen Guerilla and the Ron Spielmann Trio, among others.
Not only will their highly acclaimed studio debut (2000) "El Paso Vol. II" be re-released to mark their 15th anniversary, but also a new album with the appropriate title "Echo Return". The albums released on Timezone Records are duly celebrated with a small tour of Germany.

01 Tokon Shira (Reprise)
02 horse machine
03 Sizzleman
04 Pink ponk
05 Supershe
06 Mr Brown
07 Rockwell six
08 Alone
09 Poncho
10 Smoke.76