Red Stoner Sun - The Wicked Witch of The West (2CD) (5871767781529)

Red Stoner Sun - The Wicked Witch of The West (2CD)


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Since 1998, Red Stoner Sun have been inspiring and enriching the stoner and space rock scene in Berlin and worldwide with selected gigs and fine recordings. The "StonerRock Urgestein from Berlin" (TIP - Berliner Stadtmagazin) played with Danko Jones, Spirit Caravan, Madrugada and Zen Guerilla, among others. Alongside Causa Sui and Kvelertak 2014 at Desertfest Berlin.
For the 19th anniversary of the band, Red Stoner Sun are now releasing their third studio album "The Wicked Witch Of The West" and thus the first recordings in 10 years! If you could blindly classify their previous albums under "StonerRock", "The Wicked Witch Of The West" comes up with a broader, more complex sound. The Red Suns have not grown old - they have become wise. Polished songwriting and progressive elements that are once again rooted in the 60's and 70's - up to the late 90's desert rock.

disk 1
1. One Eyed Monkey
2. Earth Moved Slowly
3. Am I Just A Robot?
4. Medusa
5. Satanic Spandex (MK 31)
6. Good Dog!

disk 2
1. Species-Specific
2. Delorean
3.King Kong Connection
4Somewhere Under The Rainbow
5. Species-Specific (Reprise)
6. Space Gal Milky White