Reliquiae - Audi Vide Tace (CD) (5871672983705)

Reliquiae - Audi Vide Tace (CD)


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Sounds that have survived thousands of years or can hardly look back on a decade. Melodies from many different countries resound and come to life. Traditional melodies have stood the test of time and transport the legacy of the past, just like fathers pass on their experiences to sons. Reliquiae feel committed to this heritage and find the inspiration for their music in it.
Planks that mean the world. The place that allows us to create and show our own little reality. An event without which life would simply be unimaginable. A feeling that we don't want to miss in our lives. Because exactly this place, the stage, gives us the opportunity to let songs and melodies sound in a unity of time and space.

01 prologue
02 Yec'hed mad
03 Zumbaj
04 Pist de baile
05 Douce dame jolie
06 Trimartelod
07 Jan nus hons price
08 Different face
09 Maison rouge
10 Surstromming
11 At the pond
12 Kazyusha
13 Paraskavedekatriaphobia
14 Army of the Seven Peoples