Reto Burrell - Shampoo or Gasoline (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871772827801)

Reto Burrell - Shampoo or Gasoline (12" vinyl album)


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On his tenth studio album "Shampoo Or Gasoline" Reto Burrell sounds as snotty and cheeky as if it were his debut.
The new work was created in the spirit of the last concert tour in spring/summer 2017. The live presence and the energy of the band's interaction were an important driver and gave the necessary fire. Composing, performing live and recording went hand in hand. Burrell always likes to pack his own experiences into his songs. But on this album, for the first time, he consciously sings about things that make him think. It also addresses characteristics or conditions in our society that have unfortunately become so firmly established that we no longer question them.
Soft talk instead of questioning - looking the other way instead of recognizing - waiting instead of acting. Burrell also sings about the return of Robin Hood in his new songs, and wonders when the bottomless bucket will finally be full. If you want to be heard in this noisy world, you have to shout. Rock music shouldn't just be played, it should be lived much more.
Burrell has managed to make rock music his lifeblood. Even after more than 20 years of concert experience in Germany and abroad on several 100 stages, he is still full of energy. This is how you experience him at each of his concerts: straightforward, direct and always in a good mood!

01 Rising To The Beat
02 Shampoo Or Gasoline
03 On Top Of The Moon
04 Blind (Everything Is Fine)
05 Where is Robin Hood?
06 In A Bucket With A Hole

01 Shout It Out
02 Tell Me Why
03 She Says She's American
04 Carried Away
05Leaving Scars Behind
06 Like Zombies And Toys