Reto Burrell - Side A & B (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871755493529)

Reto Burrell - Side A & B (12" vinyl album)


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"I'm a bit dusty, but I'm far from outdated and certainly not rusty," jokes Reto Burrell about himself and his craft. At the age of 44, he celebrates the 20th anniversary of his solo career as a singer/songwriter and recording artist this year. A lot has happened in these 20 years. Hundreds of concerts played, hundreds of songs written, thousands of hours of work in various recording studios around the world.” There is probably nothing he experienced that Reto Burrell did not let flow into his songs. If you ask him about the highlight of his career, he says modestly: “The greatest thing is the joy and honor of being able to live music to the fullest alongside creating music. Where else, if not in real life, are songs and their stories created?
On this album, Reto Burrell does not shy away from being critical of himself in the songs as well as with the songs. Hear it in WHEN IT COMES TO TOWN TONIGHT and A REASON TO STAY HERE. But at the end of the day he too is looking forward to the light of the next morning: SEIZE THE MORNING LIGHT.

Side A

01 Shake It
02 Chasing The Wild
03 How Many Doubts?
04 Swimming In Stars
05 Ticket To Fly
06 I hate goodbyes
07 Red Red Wine Pt.2

Side B

08 When It Comes To Town Tonight
09 You're Still Alive
10 Seize The Morning Light
11 Sweet Lovers
12 Three Monkeys
13 A Reason To Stay Here
14 Gladiators Of Society