Reysswolf - Alpha (CD) (5871702507673)

Reysswolf - Alpha (CD)


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This name stands for unique heavy rock with historical instruments.
Rough guitar riffs paired with gripping melodies of bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy,
Shawms and nyckelharpa, accompanied by powerful drums, one thundering
bass and the unmistakable vocal organ of frontman Fenris.
At Reysswolf, thoroughbred musicians are at work, who have been through years of live and
Studio experience leave nothing to chance. You didn't have to wait long for positive reactions! The Reysswolves received numerous interview requests from relevant scene magazines such as Sonic Seducer and Miroque, the fan base grew steadily and online radio stations such as Metal only included the Reysswolf in their programs.
This interest is no accident. The name Fenris is still familiar to many from his time with Ingrimm, Frank is known as the ex-Saitenhexer from Clusterhead, Freya from Lupus Vagabundus/Zackenflanke has long delighted audiences at countless medieval markets with all sorts of historical instruments. Drummer Reinhard and woofer Horst are also familiar faces across genres.
With such a package, there is no question that this band also works excellently live and can inspire. This pack has seen many stage boards and still hasn't had enough of them. The shredder is hungry for prey!

01 Alpha
02 The thorn
03 The wild hunt
04 I want blood
05 The vagabond
06 fire child
07 Vargtimmen
08 wounds
09 Alive
10 Fool Free
11 Wolf Dream