Richie Necker - Odysseus (CD) (5871748153497)

Richie Necker - Odysseus (CD)


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Richie Necker can't help it. He has to make music. Around 200 times a year he is in the limelight. Ever since he got hit by the rock'n'roll virus as a teenager, his workshop has been his studio.
Richie Necker is a music man. A guitar man. A storyteller and a rocker. A sensitive entertainer. One who captures the spirit of the world language of music.

01 Odysseus
02 night in May
03 The River Flows (From The Fountain To The Sea)
04 dreamer
05 Goodnight sweetie
06 Likewise (Ogni Singolo Moment) Featuring Rocky
07 Kira
08 Hotel (At The End Of The World)
09 miracles
10 Puffer Fish And Mermaid
11 Seen like this
12 Usedom