Ride Lonesome - Once I Had A Future (CD) (5871730426009)

Ride Lonesome - Once I Had A Future (CD)


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In the clear, powerful and melancholic compositions, 1960s folk, alternative country and old time music, filtered through more than 25 years of experience in the musical underground, unite to create an outdated, atmospheric song cosmos that is characterized by the unusual instrumentation ( autoharp, mandolin, violin, sub-bass, guitar) developed a very unique, warm and dense sound.

01 Driftwood
02 This Ain't The Way
03 Losing Ground
04 Oblivion
05 Garden Of Evil (feat. Cookie Tuesday)
06 Down To The Green
07 Ride Lonesome
08 If Joy Sits At Your Table ...
09 In His Father's Name
10 Who Gave You That Shiner?
11 Truth Is Marching Home
12 On My Back
13 Demon Days
14 Peasant's Burden