Rob Mo - From Scratch (CD) (5871770173593)

Rob Mo - From Scratch (CD)


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"Vocally, the voice of frontman Roberto Morbioli sounds like he didn't come from Verona, but flew in straight across the pond from the southern states. His fast fingers on the guitar are fascinating, his playing technique is outstanding [...]. He lets the instrument howl distorted and rough, it can purr melodiously under his supervision, a bearish sound emerges from the clear chord sequences.” Heidrun Gehrke (Backnang)

Roberto Morbioli - exceptional guitarist, singer, songwriter, and for over 25 years frontman of the band Morblus, renowned throughout Europe - reinvents himself! With a new sound, a new (trio) formation and a new title, under which the Veronese has made a name for himself in the USA for years, a new chapter in the music virtuoso's career is opened. Consequently, the title of the album "From Scratch" ("From the ground up") appears there, the 12th in his discography.
After many years of "Blues, Funk, Soul" (electric & acoustic) and projects with renowned artists such as Guitar Shorty, Jesse Yawn, Lucky Peterson, Paul Orta, John Mayall, Roomful of Blues and Big Daddy Wilson, Roberto now proposes rougher, rockier ones Tones and reflects on a reduced, cleaner sound of his trio (bass/guitar), which is refined in some songs by Tommy Schneller's saxophone and Gary Winters' trumpet.
True to his motto "A good cook doesn't need a lot of ingredients for an extraordinary dish - only the right ones!" Everything different, everything new? Not quite, because what remains is the proven mixture of slow and up-tempo songs, loud and softer tones inspired by a wide variety of music styles. And live, of course, the obligatory walk through the audience, when Roberto carries the audience away with his flirty guitar and invites them on a trip through his world.

1. Hey people
2. Obsessive Love
3. Watch Your Step
4. Rock Me Honey
5. Long Way From Home
6. crying shame
7. Me And My Old Car
8. Black Cat Bone
9. Rock'n'Roll Cruise
10. Joyful Joy
11. Out Of Mind