Robby Ballhause - Well Wasted Time (CD) (5871713419417)

Robby Ballhause - Well Wasted Time (CD)


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The title of Robby Ballhause's 7th album keeps what it promises: "Well Wasted Time" is full of musical stories that tear the listener out of the gray everyday life and take them into a relaxed mood in which they forget time and space. This time, the singer/songwriter deliberately avoided big arrangements and sings the songs alone with the guitar, just like it happens live at his solo concerts.
This album lives purely from the versatile, charismatic voice and the lively, virtuosic guitar playing of the singer/songwriter. Even the new versions of titles from older CDs that have already been released are given a new, more intense and honest form. A story is told, the song is played, nothing is embellished or hidden.
Almost left in its natural dynamics, this CD gives the listener a stress-free and truly "time well wasted".

01 Sing me a story
02 far away
03 The train beat
04 Before the cold wind blows
05 Rust on the wire
06 Itinerant man
07 Well wasted time
08 Rockin' Dwarfs
09 Shadows
10 Riding my bike
11 Big fat mom
12 under the same stars
13 Willing