Robert Redweik - Dein Vegas (Deluxe-Version) (CD) (5871757721753)

Robert Redweik - Your Vegas (Deluxe Version) (CD)


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Robert Redweik could only guess what kind of weather storms we've already had this year, since he's spent countless hours in the studio since the beginning of the year and lived in his very own time zone. This journey without time began in autumn 2016, when the final decision was made for him to produce the upcoming album under his self-chosen structure. It quickly became clear to him that he had to act independently during the production in order to be able to implement his ideas of what he now wanted to do musically and lyrically. A daring step, of course, but motivated by the popularity on the digital media channels (e.g. 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone) and at his club concerts, there is only this way for Robert.
The valuable creative collaboration with Peter Müssig resulted in 11 unique songs, each with its own unique character. The musical variety is the final result of a fruitful search for the right sound. Robert consistently plays his musical spectrum to the full on this album and gives each song a modern guise that suits his timeless lyrics perfectly. The thematic diversity of his texts reflects life in all its facets and colors. From day to night. Like a city that never sleeps.
The thought of Las Vegas forms the content ambassador for the album. A place where happiness and suffering, gain and defeat, love and separation determine life in constant change, forms the common thread for the individual songs. The title of the album came from this approach: "Your Vegas". Each of us is exposed to this game of life and has to face this challenge. For better or for worse. Robert Redweik understands perfectly how to pack all these moments, feelings and strengths into his songs in such a way that in the end the positive remains. He takes a critical but hopeful look behind the facades of life, not in an instructive way, but in a motivating way.

1. Reinvent
2. Fishbowl
3. Don't wake my evil spirits
4. Will be ok again
5. So high
6. Your Vegas
7. Where all words end
8. Roulette
9. Heart at half mast
10. Slow down
11. Man you are still here
12. Chapeau