Robert Redweik - Um die Sonne (MP3-Download) (6010425507993)

Robert Redweik - Around the Sun (MP3 Download)

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With his new single "Um die Sonne" Robert Redweik not only delivers a summer catchy tune, but also shows himself musically in a new guise. Singer-songwriter pop meets urban beats. And that works wonderfully! No wonder, because with Luis Baltes (Five Stars Deluxe) and the YouTube stars Blunted Beath, Robert Redweik found the perfect team for this song and he tells a story that only life writes - and Robert Redweik experienced it himself . "That's exactly how I met my current girlfriend - we've known each other for 10 years and only then got together," says Robert Redweik. And when he talks about it, it always comes across as light and informal as the music and lyrics that begin the journey. "And I'm asking you, do you have time, we two, drive around the sun a few times - get in, who knows what else we have ahead of us...". With this song definitely wonderful summer days that make you want more.

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