Robert Redweik - Warum nicht (Single) (Maxi Single CD) (5871722004633)

Robert Redweik - Why Not (single) (Maxi Single CD)


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One could say that Robert Redweik is the James Dean of German music. Thoughtful, emotional, always in the now and never completely free - except on stage, in his music. Therefore, for him, being a musician is not only his dream, but also, in a way, his liberation. Just like acting for James Dean. Realistic enough to enjoy life, they are both. "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today” James Dean once said. Here we come full circle.
When you ask Robert Redweik about James Dean, you get a surprising answer: “My godfather Franz Xaver was not only like a second father to me, he also introduced me to music. He was my James Dean, cool guy, bon vivant who I learned a lot from.”

01 Why not
02 time to live