Robert Richter - I On You (CD) (5871797371033)

Robert Richter - I On You (CD)


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I don't sing about the old cottonfields I've never seen. For example, I sing about how bigotry and hypocrisy are on the rise these days. Also about very personal things that come along like a photo album of life", says the Munich singer/songwriter Robert Richter about his new CD "I On You". It consists exclusively of his own compositions and is at home in blues and folk. Here a minstrel of the 21st century his stories It's not about the "high art of campfire music" in which hyped virtuosity and studio tricks dominate, but about real storytelling!
About the blues, of course, which is not interpreted in a puristic way here, but mixed with other styles such as folk and country - and above all makes reference to the themes of the time. Robert Richter was the lead guitarist and singer in numerous bands. He has explored every shade of blues from country blues to blues rock, including neighboring styles from folk to funk.
He has now arrived where he always wanted to be, without realizing it until now: writing songs and telling stories. Partly political, partly autobiographical and always very personal. Lots of questions, no hasty answers. But clever statements from the point of view of the observer. The beloved guitar is not used for self-expression, rather it carries the singer through his songs - together with the harmonica.
Some of the songs are like short stories, some are like snapshots, some capture a mood of the moment. Robert Richter is a songster. Songster - this is a term for American singer-songwriters, which arose long before songwriter was a fixed musical term.

01 The Singing Men
02 soldier boy
03 wanderlust
04 To And Fro
05 Like A Fugitive
06 If I Was Jesus
07 In My Mind
08 The Same Old Story
09 Out On The Battlefield
10 Lonesome By Your Side
11 Waves About Waves