Roberto Sol - Electrified Emotions (CD) (5871691694233)

Roberto Sol - Electrified Emotions (CD)


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With his brand new album Electrified Emotions, Roberto Sol, who has been a well-known artist not only in the global lounge and chillout scene for years, presents another masterpiece that is full of surprises. With the ingredients from the worlds of pop, jazz and world music, the album became an impressive document of musical globality.
Downtempo beats and modern jazz elements combined with exotic African and Asian motifs turn the living room into a private Ibiza lifestyle zone. The cosmopolitanism is written all over the face of Roberto Sol's sound.

01 Sueno de amor (Ibiza Lounge Mix)
02 Miles Beyond (Late Night Mix)
03 Blue morning
04 Love finds you (Ibiza Lounge Mix)
05 Pale
06 Coracao
07 Save the day
08 Sensuality (Ballad Mix)
09 One world one future
10 Moments of quiet
11 Can't Forget You (Revisited Mix)
12 Won't Give Up (Cafe del Mar Mix)
13 So Awesome (Cafe del Mar Mix)
14 Playback rewind (Album Mix)
15 Impress me (Ibiza Jazz Mix)
16 The world around you