Rock And Roll Junkie - Down To Zero (CD) (5871781740697)

Rock And Roll Junkie - Down To Zero (CD)


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Behind Rock and Roll Junkie is Dr. Achim Heinze, who has made a name for himself above all in the world of extreme sports - as a two-time world champion in the ultra-cycling marathon and a successful author ("From zero to a thousand", "Performance factor sport"). In fact, as a rock and roll junkie with his black Gibson Les Paul, he has been on the road for much longer than he has ever been on a racing bike: he has been playing in various rock bands up and down the country for over 30 years. Now he has decided to ban the live tested songs on CD.
After the 2017 debut album "Wasted Youth", which as a sleazy concept album accompanies a book release of the same name ("Wasted Youth: How the Eighties Really Were"), all signs are now pointing to rock and roll! "Down to Zero" comes up with 14 hard rocking tracks: The spectrum ranges from the trashy "Dealer" to hit songs like "Never like you", the Aerosmith-heavy "Shiver and Shake" to the Reagge rocker "Walk the earth alone".
As the title already suggests, “King DJ” makes fun of the DJ scene; the double of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Ave Maria" and "False Religion" deals with the current problem of faith. Political correctness in rock and roll is also satirized with "Should I suck or should I blow". With "Going round" and the mid-tempo ballad "All I want is you" there are also two potential single releases at the start. Highlights on "Down to Zero" include his co-guitarist Kiki's lead guitar contributions and Junkie's distinctively unique blues harp playing.
All varieties of hard rock and roll are presented in a varied way - every piece of music on this rock album gets straight to the point! The 12-page booklet contains all the lyrics, numerous pictures and a commentary on each song written by the composer.

1. Going round
2. dealers
3.King DJ
4. All I Want Is You
5. Shiver And Shake
6. False religion
7. Hail Mary