Rock And Roll Junkie - Wasted Youth (CD) (5871759392921)

Rock And Roll Junkie - Wasted Youth (CD)


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Rock and Roll Junkie's debut album is a collection of timelessly good, handmade rock music: direct, pure sound paired with a snotty live spirit. The raw charm of "Wasted Youth" is revealed from the first bar of the title track "Wasted": The name says it all. No prisoners are taken here, it's blow after blow!
However, the threatened destruction is kept within hard rock limits, because Rock and Roll Junkie plays with so much subtle humor that the balance between energy and aggression, tension and spirit is always maintained. A straight rhythm section of drums and bass as a foundation, plus guitar solos in the style of Slash and Co. - "Wasted Youth" picks up where bands like Guns N' Roses, LA Guns or Hanoi Rocks had their best times.
With the double release of "Wasted Youth", Rock and Roll Junkie is taking a completely new path - because the rock novel of the same name is being released parallel to the CD: "Wasted Youth - How the 1980s really were" describes the life story of the prevented rock star Rock and Roll Junkie - perfectly matching the soundtrack of this decade on CD. References to the attitude to life and the soundtrack of the Eighties run like a red thread through the entire book. The chapters are named after the rock songs on the Wasted Youth CD.
Rock and Roll Junkie's CD "Wasted Youth" will be released by Timezone on August 25th, 2017 - exactly 30 years after the release of The Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction.

2. Full Moon Fever
3. Yesterday
4. Don't Tell Me
5. Like No Tomorrow
6. Teenage Years
7. Never Gonna Marry You
8. Love Trust And Peace
9. Rock and Roll Junkie
10. Don't Be Denied