Roman Wreden - Let Go & Drift (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871736258713)

Roman Wreden - Let Go & Drift (12" vinyl album)


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On Roman Wreden's new album there is impressive mental cinema from the folk-pop world to experience - rich in images, dark and clear. Roman Wreden has his very own way of writing, spanning melodic arcs and building dramaturgy. He gets his inspiration from books, films, his own experiences and fantasies. The complex songs gain additional depth and variance through the ingredients of his bandmates.

Side A
01 Both Of My Feet
02 December
03 Wave By Wave (Let Go & Drift)
04 Blindfolded
05 Nick Of Time

Side B
01 Drowning
02 river bank
03 The Harpoonist
04 My Impossibilities
05 Finches
06 Before Long