Romina - Auf & Ab (CD) (5871789146265)

Romina - Up & Down (CD)


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My name is Romina and I am a singer-songwriter from Goslar. I love writing my own songs. When I'm inspired, I grab my acoustic guitar and start playing. My first album "Up & Down" is an expression of my observations, thoughts, feelings, doubts and desires.
Even in my critical songs, I never want to raise my finger, but encourage thought. "Life goes up and down! It has a lot to offer, so we should feel, think, act, love!”

1. Synonyms
2. Life is…
3. Plains Indian Woman
4. Pulse of the times
5. Sweet wine and basil
6. Lion Hearts
7. Mrs. Balfanz
8. Light as a feather
9. Typically you
10. Who still wants to be normal?
11. Influencers
12. You are different
13. It's Weird (Bonus Track)