Rückendeckung - Immer dem Bauch nach (CD) (5871776563353)

Backing up - Always follow your gut (CD)


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backing. The rock and pop band from Rheine, Westphalia, brings a multifaceted live program to every stage - whether big or small. Back cover's playful repertoire ranges from ZZ-Top-like hard rock interludes to radio-ready pop and 90s crossovers. All this is refined with German rap in the style of the beginners and five stars deluxe. There are plenty of texts that encourage people to sing along and celebrate.
backing. Not only for the ear, but also for the eye.
True to this motto, the stage show was also designed by Rücken coverage. The program couldn't be more varied, from outfits you put together yourself to confetti cannons and various other stage accessories. backing. That's 2 MC's paired with guitar, bass and drums. The two front men at the microphones give a bundle of surprises and ensure doubly charged energy.

1. Rockets
2. Move
3. Campari, Korn & Chardonnay
4. Here the bear tap-dances
5. Love song
6. Ho' ma beer, yo!
7. Heads or tails
8. Are you crying?