Runarounds - Ramonitis (CD) (5871798091929)

Runarounds - Ramonitis (CD)


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Blitzkrieg Bop, I Wanna Be Sedated, Sheena Is A Punkrocker and co. - who doesn't know these songs? But the legendary Ramones also had a lot of songs that didn't get much attention even from some fans and some of which were never played live by the New York punk pioneers. Wrongly so, think the runarounds, which have dedicated themselves exclusively to lesser-known Ramones material from the 1980s.
True to this motto, "Ramonitis" offers eight rocking songs that have not yet been included on any official Ramones tribute album. From "All The Way" to "Come Back, Baby" to "Highest Trails Above", "Ramonitis" puts neglected classics back in the spotlight. With great attention to detail, Alex Lex created a production that – in addition to the choice of titles – also revives the Ramones' eighties flair.
The songs are presented in a mixture of Phil Spector's jukebox pop appeal and Richie Cordell's somber new wave sound and thus also offer an interesting change from the more reduced, typical punk productions. Wonderful pop background vocals, handclaps and Farfisa organ meet the typical sawing guitars and driving drums.
There's an additional bonus for genre fans: the cover was drawn by none other than Fuzztones icon Rudi Protrudi. The runarounds on "Ramonitis" impress with their authentic proximity to the original, but without lovingly copying them. An album by fans for fans that blow-dry your hair back in a raid and leave you grinning after too short a time! Just like the Ramones once did.

1. All The Way
2. Hair Of The Dog
3. Time Bomb
4. Come Back Baby
5. Too Tough To Die
6. A real cool time
7. Worm Man
8. Highest Trails Above