Safkan - Safkan (CD) (5906917916825)

Safkan - Safkan (CD)


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Safkan's debut is a prime example of the successful interaction between western and oriental culture and adds a positive chapter entitled Rock 'n' Roll to the much-maligned globalization.
Growing up in Istanbul and coming to Germany at a young age, the globetrotter and namesake Timur Safkan found Matthias Lohmöller, the hip producer of juner, aspiring rock bands, a congenial partner and friend with whom he could finally ignite his musical vision of a multicultural meltdown of energy and passion .
Safkan transports this fire into our ears and hearts on the new CD and lets us understand what Timur means, even if we have skipped the VHS course "Turkish for advanced learners" up to now...

01 Leyla
02 Özgürlük adina
03 Dargin
04 Sen kaybettin
05 Uyan
06 Hersey senin elinde
07 Hadi yoluna güzelim
08 Safkan
09 melegim
10 Leyla (Radio Remix)