Safran - Machinery (CD) (5871721480345)

Saffron - Machinery (CD)


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"Gloomy pop, which likes to provide artificial light, which makes the band's wealth of ideas look good in it." - Quote

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Safran is a 5-piece band that moves on the border between experiment and pop, a mixture of Portishead and the Beatles, John Cage and Lady Gaga. The sound is deep and moving, melancholic and expressive.
Pathos and social criticism are reflected in an overall concept that is combined in media art and music. Interactive visuals, homepages, alter egos of the band logo, nothing happens here without meaning. Frederick | Toby | Klaus | Ben | With 9 instruments, Mats have been producing an impressive sound since 2011, which despite changing instrumentation always remains the saffron sound: live and out of the can something to listen to.

01 Toys
03 Olympia
04 Gretchen
05 soul machine
06 Addicted
07 Stanley, Pt. 2
08 home
09 Future Perfect
10 First Pop Song