Saitentanz - Tavernenspiel (CD) (5871805792409)

String Dance - Tavern Game (CD)


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"Have you already celebrated, folk, sung and danced today?"
With these verses, Saitentanz starts their album Tavernenspiel and tells stories from the taverns of the Middle Ages with humorous and soulful lyrics, without losing sight of the present. The medieval-inspired acoustic folk invites you to celebrate and laugh, but also to pause. Powerful songs with catchy, singable passages alternate with melodic ballads and sung stories.
Present violin playing, playful bass runs, bouzouki and guitar sounds to loose cajon rhythms underline the expressive singing, which is often polyphonic. Tavern game awakens a party mood and ensures a well-rounded tavern feeling true to the motto:
"Raise the jug, listen to the music, today is tavern play again."

01 meaning of life
02 Captain Klaus
03 magic bards
04 thanks to you
05 Heiopei
06 All Full (Fiery Feast)
07 bar fight
08 Large creatures
09 The Last Hero
10 To the Black Sheep
11 tavern game