Salty Pajamas - s/t (CD) (5906954616985)

Salty Pajamas - s/t (CD)


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The "Salty Pajamas" are a three-man band with banjo, blues harp, delay kazzo, drums and bass, influenced by old American folk music, raw and primitive garage rock, the Palatinate forest, the food, the people, plants and animals.
They spend the best time of their lives in a ghost town. Their sound sounds like a country singer at speed while the instruments collapse.

01 Meat county
02 Spell
03 Leaving now
04 alligators
05 Monsters under your bed
06 Wooden friendship
07 Alone
08 Left and loose
09 Somebody else's bed
10 The taste of tea
11 dead pirate song
12 I am a family tree