Sammary - Monochrome (CD)

Sammary - Monochrome (CD)


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Fantastisches Konzept- und Debütalbum einer ganz jungen Truppe. Muss man einfach supporten !

SAMMARY is an up-and-coming Indie-Artrock band by 18 ! years old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sammy Wahlandt,collaborating with singer Stella Inderwiesen. The characteristics of this act are hard riffs, a certain amount of complexity (odd meters, interesting harmonies) but at the same time catchy melodies and even deeply emotional piano ballads.

01 Black And White
02 Soft
03 218
04 A Kiss Without A Meaning
05 219
06 Sweet Affliction
07 Open
08 220
09 Killing Another Person
10 Monochrome
11 Epilogue