Sander Baan Quartet - Heartscape (CD) (5871763357849)

Sander Baan Quartet - Heartscape (CD)


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Sincere, boundless and direct. "Heartscape" is a personal exploration of our inner world - the world we carry in our hearts.
Musically, the album combines different directions. The atmospheric track number is in stark contrast to the explosive rock song "Space Invaders"; the elemental rhythms of "Unchained" shatter into the heart-rending tender tones of "Never Goorbye" and "Can I go home now?" While it's obvious that the band has roots in the jazz tradition, there's no denying that with Heartscape she also shows clear influences from rock music. Together this results in a mixture of strong rhythms, lyrical melodies and explosions of powerful primal forces.
In the two years following the release of their debut album Country Music, the Sander Baan Quartet toured the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Romania. Released in 2015, the album opened doors for them to well-known stages in Berlin, such as jazz club B-Flat and Kunstfabrik Schlot, and has also led to a successful collaboration with well-known Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma. It was time for a successor. "Heartscape" is a new milestone in the development of the Sander Baan Quartet and brings the group even closer to the pulse of the times.

1. Emotional Landscapes
2. Space Invaders
3. I Didn't Expect To Like You
4. Never Goodbye
5. Unchained
6. Can I Go Home Now?
7. Casual Superhero
8. Northern Sun