Sascha Pazdera - Hope (CD) (5871828533401)

Sascha Pazdera - Hope (CD)


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Sascha Pazdera comes from Cologne and has been on and behind the stage for over 33 years. He works as a director and choreographer for many venues in Germany and abroad.
In 2018 Sascha Pazdera decided to go other ways. In the end about 30 songs were created, 11 of which made it onto the album. On the CD itself there will be 3 more songs that have always had an inspiring effect on Sascha Pazdera and for these Sascha Pazdera teamed up with the Russian dance act "Vika Grand".
In collaboration with producer Theodor Wolfgang Hanny, Sascha Pazdera managed to create a new style in which he combined pop and electro.
The album is very colorful and each song is different, so it will reach a large, diverse audience, Pazdera said. There are beautiful ballads like "The Time We Believed in More", beach feeling with songs like "The old man in me" or "Take it or Leave it", but there is also space on the album for more serious topics, for example when it comes to Saschas Childhood is like in the song "Father" or provocative when Sascha points out the dramatic situation of our planet, like in "Raise your Voice".
There is also so-called light fare reminiscent of the 90s with the song "Love". There's also a dance hit with "Perfect" and some impressive duets recorded with great voices. The album is a summer album that everyone can listen to and enjoy at the beach with a campfire vibe that also works very well for the car radio. Music to indulge in, but also for the dance floor.

01 Take It Or Leave It
02 Perfect
03 The Time We Believed In More
04 Raise Your Voice
05 Hope
06 Old Man In Me
07 Father
08 Love
09 The Girl Next Door
10 How Do We Are
11 desire
12 Fragile (cover)
13 Life Without You
14 Breathe Easy