Saufziege & Fürst B - Also, wir würden die nicht kaufen, ist eh nur altes Zeug drauf! (CD) (5871751233689)

Saufziege & Fürst B - Well, we wouldn't buy it, it's just old stuff on it anyway! (CD)


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In post-truth times, only something true and genuine helps. Reason enough for Saufziege & Fürst B. to return with their most personal record. Recorded live in four hours on January 22, 2017 in the Frida Park recording studio, the two piglet poppers present "Saufziege & Fürst B" - well, we wouldn't buy it, it's just old stuff anyway! An extraordinary CD and since their first three albums are almost completely sold out in stores, they have simply packed all the songs they have produced so far as MP3s on the Rom level.
More drinking goat & prince B. is not possible. In other words, if you don't buy it, you can't hear it! A warning to the world! The rescue comes from Hanover. They may not be good looking and they can't play guitar or sing well, but hey, someone's gotta do the job! The CD will be available everywhere from March!

1. We're back
2. Moni & Stephano
3. Was I angry?
4. Living room revolutionaries
5. RV Lady
6. Hanover iL
7. Who can the women...
8. Piglet pop forever
9. Problem Bear
10. Avon consultant
11. Containers
12. GaGaGa Garbsen
13. Women riding bicycles
14. Corned beef