Schlagwetter - Bis in den Tod (CD) (5871818703001)

Schlagwetter - Until Death (CD)


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Firestorm, what is that actually?
If one believes the current literature, firedamp is an explosive mixture of air and methane, which leads to an explosion when sparks strike. Struck down in the darkest shafts, promoted by the strongest machines and muscles, the black gold came to light.
We pay tribute to this monster of human history by reviving these times with the power of music. A time full of melancholy and work, but also full of progress and a bright future. A small glimmer of hope in the dark underground vault. So they come to the surface, propelled by rotating wheels, that very special kind of person who puts their heart and soul into their work.
These are thunderstorms.
From the depths of the Ruhr area, pressed under tons of pressure and marred by time. Five buddies on their way into the light. These are thunderstorms.

01 Back again
02 I'm burning up
03 Melody of Death
04 The child
05 My world is falling apart
06 demon
07 The golden rider
08 Until death
09 Break your silence
10 witnesses to our downfall