Schrei! - Laut! (CD) (5977674416281)

Scream! - Loud! (CD)


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Violent and consistent, brute and touching, charismatic and hot.
Scream! play their own adult rock, born in the age of punk. Good, dirty and with strong metal roots. Plus pithy texts. Rough, hard German rock ´n roll with many facets: wisdom, emotion, lifeblood, life experience and raw energy.
Rudy Hauzzelz is a Hanoverian original: He is Teufelz's best rider. He is pain free. Sees all ultraviolet. He is the king of emotions and a real Kapalke from Hanover Wülfel.
Altogether quite different, independent and definitely the wild descent for EVERYONE who likes to hear the riffs of the Hosen, Motörhead and the Sex Pistols, for everyone who admires Rio Reiser and for everyone who appreciates Extrabreit!
Live convince cry! with an authentic show: A concentrated load, performed by seasoned guys who know exactly where the origins of their hard-hitting speed rock lie.
Scream!: Great trash, full pipe and positive rock ´n roll as a universal principle!

01 Dec Teufelz bezte riders
02 Ultraviolet
03 Forgive and forget
04 Nitro
05 sex
06 Live now!
07 Everything you deserve
08 The day nobody has a birthday
09 Hexxes
10 King of Emotions
11 rain song
12 Today is not a day
13 Scream!