Schrei! - Störsender Anthropozen (CD)

Scream! - Jammer Anthropocene (CD)


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Jammer Anthropocene makes you want more. The Hanoverian band SCHREI! around mastermind Rudi Haußels, guitar & shouting, Olaf Hoffmeister, drums, Jörg Schulz, lead guitar and Eckart Geiger, bass, let it rip. On their new album Störsender Anthropozän, things get loud, from powerful heavy rock riffs to crossover ballads and sea shanties. This package contains everything rock n roll music has to offer. Already the predecessor Loud! let it be seen in which direction it is going, the course has been set and now the 4 Hanoverians should take off. SCREAM! keep what they promise!

01 Planet of the Apes
02 drinking
03 Rock'n Roll bourgeois
04 Kapalkenlied
05 Far too loud
06 Peter Panka
07 Pain free
08 sex
09 women
10 loyal companions
11 No coke
12 Goodbye