Schwessi - Achtung Überlebensgefahr (CD)

Schwessi - Attention danger of survival (CD)


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"Warning danger of survival!" shouts Schwessi, suddenly leans in the door frame like the long-travelled big sister of German pop, forms the peace sign and takes us along to nine easy-going pop songs full of catchy tunes. She meets the seriousness of life with wonderfully biting optimism and wit. On the first solo album of her 25-year music career, which stretches from the school band to songwriting with Udo Lindenberg, she sings with her warm, raspy voice about a politically incorrect love, the wisdom of teenagers in the fight against their parents' obsession with capitalism, everyday life as a single parent and the danger of survival. Girl-handed guitar music with a hip-hop and reggae flair, with lyrics so lovingly and to the point written that every line has you laughing and nodding at the same time.
What you listen to in Schwessi's songs: She is a woman who has experienced things and has not forgotten any experiences. Her texts are based on her own observations, carefully analysed, lovingly formulated and always frighteningly to the point. Under the eponymous motto "Warning, Danger of Survival", the songwriter devotes herself to the hopefully soon farewell to the old, apocalyptic world and to looking forward to the utopia of the world in which we want to live. And Schwessi not only deals with the continued existence of our species, she also sheds light on what is needed so that love, our planet, society and its values, democracy and one's own integrity do not perish. She herself has actually jumped off the shovel of death a few times and knows: "In the end everything can still be fine."

01 Attention bidde!
02 Revolution
03 Who are the people
04 Can you hear me
05 Hello self-pity
06 Anything goes
07 Heads or tails
08 I am so free
09 The politically incorrect libido
10 Without words