SISTER - The Sky is Falling (12" vinyl album)

SISTER - The Sky is Falling (12" vinyl album)


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Art comes from magical relationships. From exchange and friction. The Hamburg musicians Meike Schrader and Agata Paulina Clasen are each other's anchor and drive. With their band SCHWESTER they will release their debut album "Der Himmelfallen" in autumn 2022. German-speaking indie folk pop, recorded together with producer Gregor Henning as artistic accomplice in Studio Nord in Bremen. Engaging and with elbows, harmonious and urgent, rich in detail and in love with the sound. Two artists at eye level. Clearly feminist and willing to be as open as possible. Meike Schrader plays piano and keyboards, Agata Paulina Clasen the guitar. Both sing them with great truthfulness.
SISTER explores all that is loving and rugged, poetic and political, unsaid and omnipresent that makes up our lives. "Paulina brings an incredible amount of movement into the artistic process," says Meike Schrader. "And Meike creates a framework, she sorts the confetti," says Agata Paulina Clasen. SISTER is like an inspirational identity that both invent each other. Together they are driven by an immense curiosity. And from a basic trust in each other. Even if it can sometimes be painful to want to penetrate things the way SCHWESTER does.
Being vulnerable and resilient, setting limits and losing your feet, grounding yourself and striving for heaven, finding balance and embracing differences - SCHWESTER touches on extremely contemporary topics. But not in the advisory mode, but in a language that draws directly into the soul. Two women, two biographies, two temperaments. A dynamic that is far more than the sum of its individual parts. As if developing a character of its own. a power. A companion. A sister.

Page A:
1. Curse and blessing
2. When tomorrow never comes
3. Our house
4. Burnt child
5. The future

Side B:
6. Where love falls
7. The river
8. Intoxication
9. The foundation
10. Summer Crocus