Schwieriges Kind - Älter werden (CD) (5871827878041)

Difficult Child - Getting Older (CD)


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"Getting Older" is the name of the band's CD with an average age of 49 years, which is pushed below the 50 mark by the young bass player Pelle alone.
The lyrics of the singer Ina Wohlgemuth are about exactly that, about getting older as the best of all alternatives, about how to survive, about different types of relationships and more or less helpful direction instructions for our lives. The lyrics touch the wounds of the zeitgeist without glorifying their own political youth in a nostalgic way.
The songwriter Ina allows herself a dash of self-mockery towards her own best-ager generation, but also the young-at-heart longing for inner and outer homeland and the clear stance against right-wing and other psychopathic top idiots. As an enthusiastic "Sauerland native of choice", the singer makes a musical declaration of love for her new hometown of Altena on the CD with the song "Altena am Meer".
The band "Schwieriges Kind" is a fusion of friendly and related musicians from the Sauerland and the Ruhr area. Many years of stage experience in jazz and rock bands and in music cabaret, a great joy of playing, having fun together, strong lyrics, improvisation... that's a fairly accurate description.
The musical mix of rock, pop, jazz and funk with satirical, political, thoughtful lyrics and dreamy ballads fit on every stage, but not in a drawer.

January 01
02. Such a day
03. Homesickness
04. Getting older
05. Neoliberal
06. Time Machine
07. Ghosts
08. Give me a reason to stay with you
09. brooding monster
10. Stage Direction
11. Let me
12. Revolution next Tuesday
13. At seventeen
14. Altena by the sea