Schwieriges Kind - Strandgut (CD)

Difficult Kid - Flotsam (CD)


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The band “Difficult Child” took time to mature during the pandemic. The band, who made it onto the list of the best songs twice with their debut album "Gelter werden" in June 2020 and were awarded the German Record Critics' Prize (longlist), are now laying down a musically and poetically profoundly calm one with their mini-album "Strandgut". reflection of an extraordinary time.

Listeners should not expect simple answers to complex questions of the time conveyed with musical lubricant. Instead, the mini-album "Strandgut" strings together bittersweet life and love balances with snapshots of the artistic touch of an exceptional global situation. Without any claim to a rounded worldview or musical-poetic clarity. The title "Strandgut" stands here, among other things, symbolically for being thrown on oneself by cultural workers in a time of cultural abstinence in an insecure society.
All of the compositions were penned by the pianist Tom Victor, who skillfully moves between the poles of jazz and pop. Ina Wohlgemuth's voice and lyrics are poetic, longing, gentle or demanding. The father-son team of Volker Spitz on the drums and Pelle Spitz on the bass brings groove and excitement to the quiet songs.

01 wake me up...
02 distance
03 flotsam
04 New Year's Eve 2020
05 Onion Dreams