Scintilla Anima - Black (CD) (5871795536025)

Scintilla Anima - Black (CD)


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There has hardly ever been a time when there was more judgment about good and evil than today. Everyone claims to be able to distinguish between the two – but they are anything but in agreement among themselves.
With their concept album 'Black', Scintilla Anima draw an artistic complete work about good and bad as well as their connections and contradictions in the minds of their listeners. With their 'Wall of Dark Sound', the band from Düsseldorf around muse Trinity produces pop, new wave, avant-garde - fitting the theme of the album 'Black', sometimes contradictory.
Even the single 'Awake' hit the German Alternative Charts (DAC) without the support of major labels or promotion agencies and even rushed into the top ten at number 7.
The follow-up, 'Emptiness of Black', follows on seamlessly from this wake-up call thanks in part to prominent support from Olaf Wollschläger (Unheilig, And One, Mesh). Various joint shows are performed live with big names in the scene, such as Ost+Front, Stoneman, Grausame Daughters or Clan Of Xymox.

1. The Day Ends
2. Emptiness Of Black
3. Awake
4. Undone
5. Back To Life
6. Confused
7. Big deal
8. Salvation
9. Veil Of Silence
10. Traps
11. Two Minds
12. The Fight Begins